The Mini Cirque Group and Ottawa Circus

Mini Cirque and Fire Weavers were founded by Sophie Latreille 2004.

From 2004 to 2016, Mini Cirque offered performances, classes and camps. Fire Weavers offered fire and glow performances. In 2015, Sophie created Ottawa Circus and Ottawa Circus School, each branch of the company specializing in something different.

Mini Cirque continues to offer fantastic performances for event.

Fire Weavers continues to offer breathtaking fire dancing shows and UV glow shows for events.

Ottawa Circus School now manages the circus classes and camps.

Ottawa Circus is a hub for accessing all 3 of theses companies services.

Mini Cirque and Ottawa Circus is a group of enthusiastic and professional entertainers; children bond easily with them and adults will remember their experience for a long time. Each performer comes from a different performance background in the circus arts and each brings a special aspect to the whole. Mini Cirque performers have worked in various schools, daycares, museums, shopping centres, hospitals, resorts, retirement centers, parties, fairs and festivals in the greater Ottawa/Gatineau area, the Montreal area, as well as abroad.

Mini Cirque currently encompasses and also acts as the booking agency for the following initiatives:

Ottawa Circus School is now managing:

For detailed biographies of performers, please see the about us page.

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