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Imagine… You walk into an enchanting circus ring, a large circular area surrounded by brightly coloured fabric and ribbons. There you find a group of troubadours waiting to take you into the exciting world of circus, not just as an observer, but also as part of the circus team itself. There you can choose which art form you would like to experience. Will you start with juggling, hula-hoop, flower sticks, diabolo, poi or ribbons? First things first, you can put on a costume, a clown nose, or maybe a wig. Then, the troubadours will guide you as you learn or perfect some circus skills. After learning some tricks you may also have the opportunity to participate in a performance with the circus team. Having had an exquisite time, you hand back your costume. As you leave you have the opportunity to purchase some of the equipment you just experienced. The troubadours wave
goodbye as you head back to enjoy
the rest of the event.

As part of a teamwork seminar, as an ice breaker for your event, to entertain children, or to have as a regular program at your school, Mini Cirque offers a traveling circus school, complete with props and costumes where participants of all ages have the opportunity to fulfill a common fantasy: run away with the circus!

Sophie teaching a diabolo workshop at Club Med in Mexico.


What could Mini Cirque offer your event?

  • Circus skill demonstrations followed by workshops (tailored to the level of the participants)
  • Supervision and animations while participants have free time with the props
  • Drop-in or registered workshops
  • A public demonstration or parade starring the troubadours and the participants showing their newly discovered skills
  • Programs for visiting school groups offering the above in a scheduled time frame
  • In addition to activities listed above, make up artists can be hired to paint faces. To avoid bothersome line ups, the artists can take the children’s names and let them play in the circus ring while they wait there turn
  • Mini Cirque workshops for adults can be an asset to teambuilding seminars and training sessions.

Bookings could be for children only, adults only or for the whole family.



You want Mini Cirque at your event?

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Past Workshops

To see where "Mini Cirque for events" workshops have been (or will be) held, please visit the Where we've been page.



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