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List of Ottawa Jams (last updated  June 7th, 2017)

Jams are community events to promote practice and sharing in the movement arts. Bring your hoop, your poi, or your juggling gear and your fire props (for outdoors jams) and come play or just hang out with us for these community meets in great practice space or out in beautiful parks. Open to all and free (or small fee to cover the space rental). These are not classes though, you are still encouraged to sign for some classes, beginners to learn technique and flow to get you started, intermedaiate-advance practictionner to learn more skills and refinment.

All are welcome. Come out and play. Here are some of the jams happening in Ottawa:

Spring and summer 2017 jams and open practice

Circus Jams at the Ottawa Circus School

In the month of June we will offer Jams/ Open Practice sessions at the Ottawa Circus School. More details on the scehdule at www.ottawacircusschool.com

Circus Jams at Ottawa City Hall

Every Tuesday in July and August 2016 from 7:30 pm to 9 pm at City Hall on Laurier Avenue, Ottawa
Bring your own equipment and come to this community practice
Fire arts are allowed
Free, but must sign waiver on arrival
Facilitator: Sophie 

Jugglers Jams and Hoop Jams in Hull, Québec

Finished for the season but will resume in September. Every Wednesday at Ecole Secondaire de l'Ile in Hull 7-9:30 pm . Begins Septembre 16th $4 Open to all circus and flow arts especially jugglgin and unicycling. Facilitator: Jean-Guy

Hoop Jams in Westboro, Ottawa, Ontario (starts again in the fall)

September to June. By-weekly on every other Friday at Dovercourt Community Center. Free and open to all flow arts. Check in with Dovercourt to find out which alternate friday they are up to. Facilitator: Trish


So many ways to participate in the circus community of Ottawa!

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Fire Weavers at Lumiere Festival
Fire Weavers at Lumiere Festival
2008 Glow Show Demo
Sophie at the 2007 Ottawa International Busker Festival
Mini Cirque Stilt Walkers at the Santa Toy Parade

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